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Being Apart of a Luxury Industry

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

How I Stand Out in Such a Monopolized Crowd and How You Can Too!

I chose my unique style and culture because I feel that it is not fully represented. We are not shown to the world properly on how incredibly simple yet beautiful we are.

Design with Ease

“Commercial Hip-Hop does not cover everything. We are more than that.”

We are a culture, a nation of black people that have been compartmentalized into a small stereotypical category that limits us to only a few looks. If euro directed Hip-Hop wasn't what led our fashion, then how would our fashion look? It would look like my clothing line, my collections.

I am always inspired to create new and refreshing designs and put them on a canvas, you! It doesn't matter the ethnicity or culture you are from. Even though my designs are created with the black culture at the forefront, it is available for all to enjoy. I want all people of every shape, size, and culture to take a piece of me wherever, for whatever and feel confident and cool while doing it.

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