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Creating With You As The Canvas

Our Story

Our Mission

Our Goals

Artystri is a customer based company that tailors the clothing to each individual. This is true art; the clothes and you, are the canvas. Each art piece has its own voice and tells a story, so therefore, the fabric, the colors, the texture, and the manufacturing process all combine to create a complete narrative for the customer to wear. They can literally wear their heart on their sleeve. Bold vibrant colors that represent the designer, Jay, as a true influencer and creative, are marketed to foster the luxurious environments of strong men that crave to make a statement.

“Everything is art... Creating with you as the canvas.”

We aim to solve the problem of conformity and repetition. We tell a new, unique and bright story through clothing in every collection. Promote self growth to become ones true evolved form of themselves.

  • Tell stories with luxury clothing to connect with people.

  • Be a top competitive luxury brand in the high fashion industry.

  • International brand recognition and appearances.

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