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Let’s talk Jeffrey Wright

Here's a multi talented guy who seems to not find his ceiling. Professional fighter, artist, designer, club manager, and geek squad agent for Bestbuy. How do he find time to make such beautiful designs that we are all in awe for each collection. Here's what we found out.

"Growing up I always wanted to be a car designer. My mom have a car that caught fire in the middle of the street and I told her I'll made her a car so she would have to worry about that ever happening ever again. Always drawing and reimagining designs, came easy for me. My mind see's something and redesigns it about 15-20 times. Being an artist helps me pay attention to details which helps with creating. Same with fighting. The details creates opens against my opponent. Details is key in my life. It helps work through solutions and troubleshoots. Helps design different patterns and styles if you get what I mean. Each piece is created from a story which will provide a visual of who the person is, or what the situation happened. Clothing and accessories help define an individual without you talking with them. People judge daily unconsciously on who they see and interact with. I feel the luxury of life is time. Without time, we have no stories to tell nor memories to create. Time creates a better person in life. We fail and we achieve many things in life with time. Time is one thing you can't get back once it's gone. So fill your life full of luxury and make memories with the world. "

With those he spoke, had so much feeling inside them. Such passion to create luxury. What are your feelings and insights on his collections and words?

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